CCNA Lab – 1.1- Basic Config

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LAB 1-1: Basic Configuration 

You are the Network Administrator at Ranet. 
We have just installed new router to be our gateway. 
You have to do the basic configuration via Console Terminal 
(PC-PT) as below: 
   1. Set hostname to be "RanetA" 
   2. Set enable secret to be "ranetenablepass" 
   3. Set console password to be "ranetconsolepass" 
   4. Set telnet password to be "ranettelnetpass" 
   5. Set IP address of interface Fastethernet 0/0 to 
      be the first address of network 
   6. Set IP address of interface Fastethernet 0/1 to 
   7. Both interface Fastethernet 0/0 and 0/1 must 
      be enable. 

   After these configuration, you should be able to 
   1. Ping to from Ranet A 
   2. Telnet from Ranet PC to Ranet A by using IP 
      address and telnet password 
      as above.

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