CCNA LAB - 2.2 Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP)

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LAB 2-2: Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP) 

You are the Network Administration at Ranet, and have to config to let Ranet-SW3 seperate VLAN
according to the VLAN database from Ranet-SW1 via VTP (use Console for each switch) as below:

     1. Gather information about VTP configuration in Ranet-SW1 by using "show" command in
USER mode only. (You do not have right to config anything on this switch.)

2. On switch Ranet-SW2, you have to config to let the VTP information send from Ranet-SW1
via itself to Ranet-SW3 without any change in VLAN database of Ranet-SW2

3. On switch Ranet-SW3, you have to config to receive VTP information from Ranet-SW1 and
use the received VLAN database to set members of each VLAN as:
VLAN 10: Fa0/1
VLAN 20: Fa0/2

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