CCNA LAB - 3.3 Frame Relay – Multipoint

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LAB 3-3: Frame Relay – Multipoint

You are the network administrator at Ranet Headquater, and have to configure the router “Ranet-HQ” to let Host1connect with Host2, Host3 and Host4 as below:
(Use console to config this router.)

1. Enable and set IP address on LAN interface to be the first IP of this subnet.

2. Enable and set IP address on serial interface to be the first IP of its subnet, and then set the parameter about frame-relay as:
- Use IETF Frame-Relay as encapsulation protocol
- Use LMI ANSI type then try to ping with others node in this subnet, and use command to gather information about DLCI per each destination that came from Inverse-ARP then shutdown this interface and set frame-relay map in static, after that, re-enable the interface and check the
connections between node again.

If success, Host1 should be able to connect with other Hosts.

------------------------- The End ------------------------------