CCNA LAB- 3.4 Frame Relay - Point to Point

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LAB 3-4: Frame Relay – Point-to-Point (Subinterface)

You are the network administrator at Ranet Headquater, and have to configure the router “Ranet-HQ” to let Host1 connect with Host2, Host3 and Host4 as below:
(Use console to config this router.)

1. Enable and set IP address on LAN interface to be the first IP of this subnet.

2. Enable serial interface, and create subinterface with Frame-Relay setting as below:

- s0/0/0.2 for connect with Ranet-BR2, via DLCI 902
- s0/0/0.3 for connect with Ranet-BR3, via DLCI 903
- s0/0/0.4 for connect with Ranet-BR4, via DLCI 904

All subinterfaces use CISCO standard for both encapsulation and LMI, and set IP address to use the first IP in each subnet.

If everything is correct, Host1 should be able to connect
with Host2, Host3, and Host4.