CCNA LAB - 4.2 IP Routing - RIP

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LAB 4-2: IP Routing - RIP 

You are the network administrator at Ranet, and have to config the routers both Ranet-HQ and Ranet-BR to make the connection throughout Ranet network and with the Internet. So all you have to do are:
(Config via console of each router.)

    1. Enable and set IP address on LAN interface of each router to be the first assignable IP of each subnet.

    2. Enable serial interface on each router and set IP address on each interface as:
          - s0/0/0 on Ranet-BR: first IP of
          - s0/0/0 on Ranet-HQ: last IP of
          - s0/1/0 on Ranet-HQ: last IP of

          all serial interface use HDLC as encapsulation protocol and do not forget to set clock rate at 64 kbps on Ranet-BR side.

    3. Set RIPv2 as routing protocol on each router to let Host1 connect to Host2.

    4. Set default route on each router to let both Host1 and Host2 be able to connect to the Online Server        ( in the internet.

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